Coaching Testimonials


julie-forbear“The call has been a Blessing, a Breakthrough, a Bridge from nowhere land to success land, a Butt-kicking of negative thoughts, a Beauty of a way to start the day, a Brand new way of thinking, a Boost of self-esteem and a Big exit off the “Struggle” Bus. Bazinga! Booyah! “Be Blessed!” as Nate says. BE the change, BE the value, BE yourself. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Mr. Scott.” – Julie Forbear 

tammy-cuevas“…my morning compass. It has led me to re-examine my life experiences, as I now reflect on my past up to my present life. Within these past few weeks participating in these calls I see myself acutely aware of my surroundings, and deliberately thinking, processing, and internalizing this information. This call has provided me a way to re-educate my mindset and to be in control of Me. I now see, that I want more out of life and that means growing pains. My goals include spiritual, physical, and a financial transformation.” Tammy Cuevas

megan-swope“The difference between 211 and 212 degree F is just one degree but it makes a world of difference-the difference between a simmer and a boil. I needed to find a way to bring the change to my business. Nate’s wisdom, patience and candor has helped me create a plan for my financial future! Thank you for your investment in me. I will honor it with my success!” – Megan Swope

tonya-cajuste“Each day, Nate Scott feeds the fires of so many! He is like the Chief of Fire Starters!! Don’t expect to be coddled, though. Nate brings the real deal – the raw truth. As he says “…application, not just the rah rah…” He has helped me to think in different ways. Some time ago we talked about seeking first to understand then to be understood. I apply that concept everyday!  I am growing and I am learning to perform daily self-analysis to see what I need to do to be successful. What steps I need to take to give birth to my dream.” – Tonya Cajuste

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