What Is The Retirement Danger That No One Is Talking About?

lir-bookYou’ve invested a lifetime into your work, and when you retire you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  But if you’re like 75% of Americans born after 1945, you’re going to have to retire on your own, without a pension or confidence that Social Security will contribute to the retirement you’ve earned. Unfortunately, many people won’t realize how ill-prepared they are for retirement until it’s too late. There is no excuse for you to be one of them.

When you purchase “Life Is Rich: How To Create Lasting Wealth“, you will discover why 66 out of 100 people age 65 earn less than $30,000 in retirement and what you need to know to create a comprehensive financial plan for $10,000+ per month and to be become a millionaire within 36 months.


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Would You Like To Secure a Satisfying Retirement in Today’s World Which Requires Different Tools and Ammunition Than It Did In The Past?

american-dream“I know people who make a lot of money, but what are you doing to create wealth? Your answer to that question can be the difference between you experiencing your American Dream or you American Nightmare.”Nate Scott

The Retirement Landscape Has Changed. People today are responsible for their retirement savings and well-being more than ever before. That makes it crucial to not only be aware of the issues, trends and opportunities available to you, but to also ask the right questions. While traditional retirement questions can include, how much do I need to save, how long will my savings last, and what’s the best asset allocation for my investments, the single, most important retirement question anyone can ask is:

What’s the one thing you hope no one ever finds out about your retirement plan?

unemploymentIs it a financial worry such as the fact that you’re behind in savings or troubled by the loan you took against your retirement plan? Are you concerned about the potential costs of helping adult children, an aging parent, or the changes to Social Security benefits or your company pension?

You don’t have to look far to find validation for your concerns or feel like your alone in dealing with these financial worries and concerns.

  • A third of people (36%) in the U.S. have nothing saved for retirement. 14% of people ages 65 and older have no retirement savings: Source: USA Today & bankrate.com
  • 36% of workers have less than $1,000 in savings and investments that could be used for retirement and 60% of workers have less than $25,000 saved. Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute
  • It is estimated that the combined Social Security Trust fund will run dry in 2033. Benefits to retirees and other beneficiaries would need to be reduced by about 23% at that time. Source: Yahoo Finance & Social security.gov
  • 85% of public pensions could go bust within 30 years. Public pension funds currently have about $3 trillion in assets, but will need to pay out nearly $10 trillion over the next several decades. Source: MoneyMorning.com
  • Nine states including Hawaii, Alaska, Kansas, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Connecticut, Kentucky and Illinois – have now set aside less than 60% of what they need. Illinois has saved just 43 cents to cover every dollar of what it needs to pay its current and future retirees. Source: CNBC.com

Traditional Retirement Planning and Investing Is Broken.  I wish the list ended with the challenges in personal retirement savings, Social Security, and pension. However, health care costs and supporting both adult children and aging parents further complicate the traditional retirement planning formula:

  • A couple retiring in 2014 is expected to need $220,000 (in today’s dollars) to cover health care costs in retirement. That figure does not include any costs associated with nursing-home care, and applies only to retirees with traditional Medicare insurance coverage. Source: Fideity.com
  • 93% of boomers have provided financial support to their adult children. 34% of whom admit that helping their adult children has slowed down their retirement savings. Source: MarketWatch.com
  • About one-in-five middle-aged adults (21%) have provided financial support to a parent age 65 or older in the past year. Source: Pew Research

onyx-coaleThese eye-opening statistics shed some light on the challenges people face in making it to and staying comfortable in retirement. For the most part, people are left to figure out how they can: work more hours and save more money to address any funding gaps; protect against a stock market crash like that of 2001 and 2008-2009; deal with a potential reduction in Social Security payments or a tax increase to fix it; not to mention for the lucky few with a pension, the need to figure out what to do if benefits are reduced as a result of a company bankruptcy.

These financial realities can paint a pretty startling picture but what most people and aren’t being told about retirement is that it’s not just a financial event. There are personal factors you have to think about and plan for as well.

Private matters that you hope no one ever finds out about such as whether or not your marriage will survive the extra time you’ll be spending together after years apart and focusing on kids or other things. Challenges associated with replacing your work identity, staying connected and relevant, as well as keeping mentally and physically fit?



In This Book, You Will Discover Why and What You Need To Know About Becoming An Entrepreneur

Starting A Business Is Retirement’s Biggest Secret. You see, behind every problem is a hidden truth, a solution they can become the catalyst for our ultimate success and for living life to it’s fullest extent. That a powerful statement that opens the door of considerations when it comes to retirement planning. It’s reveals retirement’s biggest and best kept secret. Starting a business is one of the best ways to address both the personal and financial concerns people have with retirement.

i-want-to-empower-womenTo start, there are a number of financial and tax benefits that never make it into traditional retirement plan conversations. First, owning a business can actually reduce the amount of risk you have in your retirement plan. A small business has what is called a low correlation to the stock market. That means if the stock market falls 10%, the income you receive from your business won’t necessarily fall by the same amount.

Whether you’re in network marketing or you’re running a home-based business, the orders you process or the fees you charge clients won’t go down by 10% simply because the stock market did. That’s an important component of diversification that doesn’t get talked about enough, especially since market corrections of 10% or more happen on average once every year.

Starting a retirement business also takes a page out of the handbook of the rich and powerful. The one consistent factor you see among the wealthy is that their fortunes are rooted in a business, which either they or someone in their family started.

Their fortunes are tied to entrepreneurship, hard work, leadership, and a desire to make a difference in their community and in people’s lives. Furthermore, with some savvy estate planning, their efforts and businesses can pay dividends for multiple generations.

unclesamOther financial considerations pertaining to a retirement business include tax benefits. Retirement is often a time for people where they carry few tax deductions since their children have moved out and their home may already be paid off. Tax savings may not dramatically change your retirement lifestyle but writing off common items like the list below can surely help fund other essential parts of life in retirement.

Home office; Office supplies; Mileage; Web, software and subscription costs; Travel, meals, and entertainment; Insurance premiums; Retirement contributions; Telephone charges; Business startup expenses; Professional services; New Equipment; Education Expenses; Advertising and promotion; Coffee & beverage service; Seminars & trade shows; Postage, etc

The first chapters of “Life Is Rich: How To Create Lasting Wealth” will take you through the process of creating, planning, and then growing your business. Next, I will share some of the many sources available to fund your business as well as the best way to structure your affairs. You will explore the different business entities that are available from corporations to limited liability companies. These entities can protect your assets, legally reduce your taxes, and keep your financial affairs private.

The chapter on residual income retirement planning offers a new and innovative approach to solving a problem that most people are in denial about. Finally, you will see how corporations and trusts can be used to fund your retirement needs and how they can be used effectively for estate planning  purposes to let you make money, keep money, and pass your assets along to your heirs.



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